Mimi Oka and Doug Fitch
Orphic Memory Sausage

Help us make Orphic Memory Sausages!

Bring anything that evokes a memory of place or time or experience that you wish to transform into sausage – a souvenir that can be chopped up into tiny pieces – an old CD or cassette tape, a cracked plate, a worn-out article of clothing, a broken chair, an old shoe, a bouquet of wilted flowers, a diary, a telephone book, photographs of old lovers, harvested hay, dried fish, yesterday’s newspaper, a painting, an obsolete appliance, a dead computer, hair from a haircut, a stuffed toy, etc…and together we will smash, chop and pulverize everything, mixing all of it into a great pulp to be stuffed into pig intestines and hung to dry or perhaps even smoked.

Everyone will thus be able to take home a link of collective memory sausage at the end of the day.


Tuesday and Wednesday, April 8th and 9th, @ 8PM

Tickets include admission to Water Tasting on Tue April 8th @ 7PM or to a Chocolate Tasting on Wed April 9th @ 7PM


Fast Forward
Musique a'la Mode

Composer Fast Forward is well known for including kitchen paraphernalia in his performances, but to date he has never gone 'all the way'. That is about to change for the Umami Festival where he will unleash the world premiere of Musique a'la Mode, a concert in which ALL his instruments will be derived from the common day kitchen. Pots, pans, bowls, cutlery, food, liquids and more will be part of the battery for this sonic culinarian's concert. It could change your entire approach to home cooking.

Friday and Saturday, April 11th and 12th, @ 8PM

Tickets include admission to Salt Tasting on Fri April 11th at 7PM or to Artist's Book/Cook Panel on Sat April 12th @ 6PM


Ensemble 209
Tamar Raban, Guy Gutman, Efrat Ben-David, Alia
Meyer,and Hili Fridberg

A performance based around words derived from the linguistic milieu of food and cooking and begin with the letters that make up the term PERFORMANCE. During the course of the piece the performers create a rich text comprised of action, object, image, word and the sounds that emanate from them. The letters of the word PERFORMANCE are represented on 11 work surfaces on which the participants "cook" the event. The surfaces, as well as food products, dishes, and cooking utensils change their place and role throughout the piece to create a new "dish." In Hebrew, "foodies" often equate exquisite gourmet food with poetry. In this performance, the poetic structure and poetic nature are indicators of the dish and its cooking/writing as poetry, only here the result is unusual.

This is part of a larger project titled L.E.P.P.:

Lesson on Performance in English
English Lesson on Performance
Performance in English on Lesson
Performance on English Lesson

During 2006 Tamar Raban began to create a series of exploratory performances as the foundation of a kind of living dictionary of actions and images. The random selection of words (each time different words) starting with letters that make up the term "performance" acts as the stimulus for building a performative syntax.

Rule no. 1: to compose l.e.p.p performance, use coincidental words starting with the letters of the word p e r f o r m a n c e.
Rule no. 2: make a wide research about each word to discover its role in the specific performance.
Rule no. 3: for each performance use different words and choose a different structure.


Thursday, April 17th @ 9PM, Gala performance and Friday, April 18th @ 8PM

Tickets include admission to Gala Event on Thu April 17th @ 7 PM or to Israeli Wine Tasting on Fri April 18th @ 6PM


Paul Lamarre and Melissa P. Wolf (EIDIA House)
The Starving Artists' Cookbook


Saturday, April 12th, @ 6PM


Annie Lanzillotto [more]
Miwa Koizumi [more]]
Gastronomic Interactive Installations

Echoing the experience of a New York street scene, we present a varitey of smells, sounds, and sights, co-existing and competing for attention. Familiar objects, from ice cream to cookbooks, are presented in new and unexpected ways. As street vendors offer exotic twists on common products, screenings of artists' food films and a display of artists' cookbooks complete the carnival atmosphere.

Monday, April 14 @ 7PM and Tuesday, April 15th @ 8PM

Tickets include admission to Experimental Cuisine Collective panel on Mon April 14th @ 4PM or to Food/Art Roundtable on Tue April 15th @ 6PM


Judith Levin
Visual art


Ame Gilbert
Visual art