Chocolate Tasting

Featuring chocolates by Green and Black's Organic
Hosted by Alexandra Leaf, culinary historian and president of Chocolate Tours of NYC,

Wed April 9th @ 7PM
Admission included with ticket to Orphic Memory Sausage, April 9th


Artist's Books/Cook Panel Discussion

In the hands of artist's the meaning of cookbook yields surprising results!
Moderated by Dr. Barbara Kirschenblatt-Gimblett (Performance Studies, NYU), with Marvin Taylor, director of NYU's Fales Library, and Paul Lamarre and Melissa P. Wolf (Eidia House) who produced The Starving Artists' Cookbook video project 1986-1991. This panel will explore various forms of cookbooks (including visual, performance and poetry, etc.) and the fantastic range in the language of recipe (including instructional, lyrical, and subversive, etc.).

Sat April 12th @ 6 PM
Admission included with ticket to Musique a'la Mode, April 11th


Experimental Cuisine Collective Panel

The changing interface between chefs and diners.
Moderated by Corby Kummer (Senior Editor, the Atlantic Monthly) with chef Will Goldfarb (Desert Studio, Picnick), chef Heather Carlucci (owner, Lassi) and chef David Arnold (FCI). For more information, see www.experimentalcuisine.org.

Mon April 14th @ 4PM
Admission included with ticket to Gastronomic Interactive Installations, April 14th @ 7PM


Food/Art Roundtable

Exploring the meeting-place of food and art. Moderated by food writer Kathryn Kellinger with chef and cookbook author Rozanne Gold, chocolatier Joan Coukos (Chocolate Modern), curator Caron Smith and sustenance artist Mimi Oka.

Tue April 15th @ 6PM
Admission included with ticket to Gastronomic Interactive Installations, April 15th @ 8PM


Silent Auction and Gala Event

Bid on fabulous culinary delights, enjoy surprising tastings, see an exciting new performance and support the arts!

Thu April 17th @ 7PM
Ticket includes Cookies by Ensamble 209


Artist's Books/Cooks Exhibit

A display of small press and handmade artist's books produced between 1960 - 2000 have been drawn from a variety of collections including: The Franklin Furnace, Printed Matter and NYU's Fales Library. These artist's books explore and explode the cookbook form and expand the definition of a recipe.

On-going: April 11th - April 15th


Paint With Your Food
Children's workshop

Chef Einav Gefen of the Institute for Culinary Education and artist Judith Levin combine forces to direct a food and art workshop that utilizes the multi-sensory properties of food: encouraging children to touch, smell, and taste their art and play with their food. The workshop introduces new foodstuffs and encourages children to try them by approaching them from a new angle, while suggesting to children that art is everywhere and is an integral part of our daily life.

Einav Gefen is a graduate of the Institute of Culinary Education where she is now a professional instructor responsible for training aspiring chefs. Gefen interned at New York's restaurant, Daniel, and was the executive chef at Danal in Manhattan’s East village. In 2001, she founded and became the Director of the Culinary Arts program at the Jewish Community Center, Manhattan, and in 2003 she published her recipe book “Art & Cook.”

Judith Levin received her MFA in paintings from Queens College. Her work has been shown in and around the New York area. She has taught in a variety of museum programs in New York, among them many years at the Brooklyn Museum of Art (the Studio Art Program). Levin ran the arts program at the Brooklyn Historical Society (the Education Division). Her ample experience in arts education has been enhanced by her work as an artist in residence and art teacher in the New York City Public School system.

Sat April 12, 11:00 - 12:30, for ages 6 to 9, $30
Sat April 12, 2:00 - 3:30, for ages 10 to 14, $30


Young Chef Cooking -Art Challenge

Do culinary creations count as artistic creations? Where is the art? Is cooking an art, a craft, or a science? Teams of culinary students and high school students will work together to "find" the art. Each team will have 80 minutes to prepare at least one dish that will comment on these questions.
Each team of students will have 80 minutes to prepare at least one dish, which will then be evaluated by a panel of influential judges from the culinary and the art world. The dishes will be judged on taste, presentation and on their ability to comment on the relationship between food and art.

Thu April 10 @ 5 PM, $5 at the door